25th May 2006


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April & May 2006
The last couple of months have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride as we established ourselves in Abu Dhabi. The biggest headache was finding an apartment - rents are rising vertically and demand is so high, vacant flats are snapped up within hours. You have to rely on luck and timing to grab one. We have finally managed and now live above Marks & Spencers... on Sheikh Rasheed bin Saeed al Maktoum Street - trying saying that after a couple at O'Reilly's!

In the meantime, Nick has been settling in to Etihad and I initially taught English for a couple of months but have now started a permanent job at the British Council.

Now we're almost at the end of May, we're in our apartment - we have two sofas and a bed but not much else... thank goodness for Ikea... and it finally feels as though life is slotting back into the old routine!






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