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March 2007 
The year seems to have passed in a flash - we've just celebrated the first anniversary of our arrival in Abu Dhabi.  Suddenly the lease is almost up on our flat and we're wondering whether we need to upgrade...

There have been lots of fun things going on in January and February. Nick's been busy with the Abu Dhabi Golf Championships, the Al Ain Airshow (stunning location over the rolling red dunes of Al Ain, but fairly hairy - international air safety rules don't apply - no problem landing planes on moving lorries or flying aeroplanes at each other through flames and explosions...).  Also a Formula 1 showcase in honour of Abu Dhabi's F1 2009 announcement, signing a sponsorship deal to create the Etihad Aldar Spyker F1 team, and the big launch of a new route to Sydney, including a week in Sydney.

Amy's been hanging out with royalty with a visit from Prince Charles & Camilla to Abu Dhabi - including visiting a British Council exhibition and a boozy reception at the Embassy - and a 2 week trip back to the UK.  Unfortunately, one week was taken up with work, but the second week was an opportunity to whizz round catching up with as many people as possible.

So, we're on the way into spring now with the temperature beginning to rise. It's time to start battening down the hatches, packing the camping stuff away and wacking up the air-conditioning.  The next couple of months should be interesting - possibly moving house... maybe even a bit of a holiday... who knows.  Don't forget to see the new photos we've added!

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