18th May 2008


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May 2008 

I'm getting a quick update in before life changes and I don't have time for things like playing on the internet!

The new member of the Cottage family is due any day and we're both busy practicing nappy techniques and reading various 'how to get your baby to sleep through the night' failsafe instruction manuals.

Apart from a fantastic two week break in Jan/Feb in Antigua with Paul and Antonia, this year has mostly been about getting ready for the new arrival.  The laundry room has been transformed into a nursery (thank goodness Ikea and mothercare are in Abu Dhabi) and we've spent weekend after weekend test driving pushchairs - it really is a tougher decision than a new car. 

We've signed up for all the antenatal classes on offer, plus Abu Dhabi Mums, Bumps & Babes and any other support network we can find!  

I think we're finally ready, just sitting waiting now. If all goes to plan, we're hoping to spend a bit longer than usual in the UK this summer so that we can introduce Cottagette to grass, rain, maybe even just the outside world as she won't be seeing much of that here during her first few months.

Hopefully catch up with lots of friends and family while we're back.  Wish us luck! xx






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