Abu Dhabi - the recce

Abu Dhabi - the garden city!

view from the Breakwater to Abu Dhabi centre

The tallest flagpole in the world!

Sea temperature 35oC - like a hot bath!

air temperature - 40oC, 85% humidity - sweaty!

The new Emirates Palace Hotel... through the heat haze

My hubbly bubbly smoking a Hubbly Bubbly on the waterfront!

Emirates Palace Hotel by night

The White Fort... and the golf ball building

new and old!

new, old and a mosque!

painted camels

and the swimming pool

Le Royal Meridien hotel

the view from our 23rd floor room


Khalidia Palace Hotel - the beach

view from our balcony

Nick's view!

warm sea

View of the desert from the plane - bit hazy Dubai